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What are the factors of 133?

If a whole number P is a factor of 133 then it exists another whole number Q such that the multiplication of P and Q is equal to 133 (P*Q=133), so P and Q are both factors of 133.
Example: 19 multiplied by 7 is equal to 133 (19*7=133) then 19 and 7 are factors of 133.
If we divide 133 by one of its factors we get an integer quotient that is another factor of 133, the remainder of the division is equal to zero.
Example: 133 divided by 133 is equal to 1, the remainder of the division is equal to zero then 1 and 133 are factors of 133.
133 has 4 factors, here are the 4 factors of 133: 1; 7; 19; 133.
Remark:133 is a composite number because 133 has more than 2 factors. If a positive integer has exactly two factors it's called prime number.
The prime factors of 133 are: 7 and 19.
The prime factorization of 133 is: 7*19.

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