Check if an integer is a factor or divisor of another number

Find the multiples of an integer inside an interval of two integers

Find all the factors of a whole number

Check if an integer is a multiple of another integer

The factor and divisor of an integer

A positive integer D is a divisor of another natural number M if the division of M by D gives an integer quotient and zero remainder.
M, D, Q are whole numbers if the multiplication of D and Q gives M as product (D * Q = M) then D and Q are factors of M.
Example: 5 is a divisor of 30 because 30 divided by 5 is equal to 6 (integer quotient) and the remainder of the division is equal to null(zero).
5 is a factor of 30 because 5 multiplied by 6 is equal to 30 (5 * 6 = 30).