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What are the factors of 243?

243 is a multiple of 3 and 3 is the only prime number that is a factor of 243, that's to say 3 is the unique prime factor of 243. Since 243 is not a prime number, 243 has more than two factors. 243 is a composite number with 6 factors, here are the 6 factors of 243: 1; 3; 9; 27; 81; 243.
A factor of 243 is a whole number that we can multiply by another whole number to retrieve 243.
Example: 27 is a multiple of 243 because we can retrieve 243 by multiplying 27 with another positive integer that is equal to 9. 27*9=243. Since 27 multiplied by 9 gives 243 then 27 and 9 are both factors of 243.
Remark: If we divide 243 by one of its factors we get as quotient another factor of 243.
Example: 81 is a factor of 243, so 243 divided by 81 gives as quotient 3 that is another factor of 243 and the remainder of the division is equal to zero.
Here are all the multiplications of two integers that the product is equal to 243: 1*243=243; 3*81=243; 9*27=243.
The prime factorization of 243 is: 3^5.
243 is not a multiple of 2 then 243 is an odd number.
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